Watch this short video to learn more about the “Vocation Portal” Content Management System & Online Platform.

The Vocation Portal is designed to allow the Office of Vocations and Vocation Director to connect with the laity for the purpose of building a culture of vocations at the home and parish level and thus increase vocation awareness and encourage more discernment to the diocesan priesthood and consecrated life. Using this technology to connect with the laity in a more personal and direct way will also build a community of those, not only in every parish but also diocesan wide, who truly have a heart for vocations.

The power of the Vocation Portal is in the ease of information delivery from the Office of Vocations to all parishes in the diocese with the ability of individual parishoners to interact with the system in real time.

Likewise the Office of Vocations can administer to not only the Parish Vocation Team Leader and Pastor but to any individual parishoner who enrolls in their Parish Vocation Team Portal.

At first glance the Portal appears to be another website. But it is far from an ordinary website in that it delivers content rich information from sources locally, nationally and internationally 24/7. The Portal is backed by a team of curators gathering information electronically and delivering the information to the diocesan Vocation Office to be reviewed and then released to the parishes/laity through the portal.

Furthermore the Vocation Portal is interactive and ever evolving. It changes and adapts as technology evolves and parishioners/users drive the demand for content driven communication and media.

The Vatican has embraced and encouraged the use of technology to communicate at the diocesan level. This system is the next generation of interaction and connection between the diocese, parish and the laity.